Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Something Old

Antique shops and flea markets can be a particularly overwhelming experience if you don’t have a plan. There is an old part of downtown Kansas City, the West Bottoms, that is home to my favorite flea market, Good JuJu. It is only open during the first weekend of every month and, therefore, gets a bit competitive. You have to know what you’re looking for, otherwise you get left in the dust. Literally.

Before I go, I write a list of items I need or want (mainly want), which helps me stay focused. Once I find the items on the list, or figure out the market doesn't have anything on my list, I allow myself to wander and pick up anything that catches my eye. However, it’s important to not roam aimlessly. People take their antiquing seriously so it's important to peruse like you mean it.

My first purchases at Good JuJu are still my favorite:

{lamp, mirrored tray, tri-pod table}

{I love the hand-painted, gold detail on this vintage lamp}

{Simple and functional. Perfect for a nightstand.}

{Extra-feminine touch on the tray that holds my jewelry boxes and perfume}


  1. That mirrored tray is fantastic. I'll have to add this place to my KC to-do list. Thanks!

  2. Love Good Ju Ju too. Best place to shop for antiques in KC!

    1. I agree! There are a few new ones in the West Bottoms I'm excited to try out, as well.